All About Me...well, almost

It’s funny because, for a long time, I avoided working on this page (actually, I removed the page altogether).  I am able to write about almost anything with exceptional proficiency, but to tell people about the person aside from the writer ended up being surprisingly daunting.  It wasn’t until I recently began connecting with other bloggers and reviewers that I found that this task could no longer be avoided.  So here it goes.

My name is Karimah, but almost everyone in my life has a nickname for me.  Kream, Rimah, Karma, and Kima just to name a few. I have always been highly emotional and empathic, so it made sense that from a young age I gained an unshakable interest in poetry.  Well, it makes sense to me because all of those emotions had to go somewhere.  And by the time I reached high school, a friend introduced me to romance novels, which solidified my love for words and books forever.

For the majority of my life I focused on evolving my gifts and indulging in my love of books a secret.  I mean, people already looked at me strange because I never seemed to fit in nor could I keep my head out of the clouds.  However, life, and time, forced my creative powers to mutate, grow and evolve into that of a spoken word artist and novelist (just call me MsPhoenix). 

Initially seeing my natural talent for writing only as a hobby, I was eventually encouraged by friends to test this skill with the masses. To my surprise my work was very well received, so an entirely new world had opened up to me.  Now, I am a full-time mother of twins desperately fighting to claw my way out of a mundane nine-to-five existence and into that of a successful author. I am working towards living a dream that my fifteen year old self created; I am fighting to create the life I always wanted and know my kids deserve.  I always believed that anything is possible, and fortunately, this is no different!

*If you are interested in learning more about my series, Eternal, please click here a downloadable .pdf of my one sheet.


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