• Karimah Colden

Grow, Flourish, Prosper

Have you ever taken a second to step back from your life? Have you then ever wondered or considered where the time has gone? One second life is blooming in the spring, then the warmth of summertime is beating down on your face, all of a sudden the leaves are falling and the air is crisp, and we are back to the blistering cold and scarves. I haven't had a choice when it comes to the passing of time. Loved ones lost, my babies growing so quickly, working toward moving my dreams to the reality phase. Life ceases for no one.

To some, the realization that life will go on no matter what they are going through is scary. I know because I have straddled the limbo line of feeling this way; but it's also strengthening. We also get slapped with the fact that we can choose to continue to live...or allow ourselves to be stuck in a time loop that only stands still for us, but in reality, years have just been lost. I had to learn the hard way that I have to continue to live, even through the pain. The periods that I stopped everything due to the pain, I should have continued to wade the waters and trudged on. Maybe if I had done so, I'd be a little further in my dreams.

These past months I have been working not only on my poetry, but on how to gain exposure for myself and my words. My future is looking like a continuous flow of opportunity. The level of support I now have is overwhelming. I am constantly thrown by how many people continuously voice how they pray for my success. I am blessed. The gifts, when they are true gifts, never go away. The passion for one's craft is always bubbling under the surface, and nothing else can ever be as satisfying as working on and living a dream manifested.

The world will see, I am here. The world will see that dreams can move from thought to reality, no matter the visionary's age, race, or gender. We have so much potential...we are so untapped in our mental resources. There needs to be a jolt and awakening of the masses. We must move and shake things up.

Mediocrity is not mandatory! I love my life, I love the way words, music and nature in its purest form make me feel. Maybe these revelations had to occur for me to want to actually live. Maybe my heart needed to be broken over, and over, and over again for me to finally step out of the shadows. Maybe I needed to see the pain to give me the mind to fight for what has already been placed within me.

I want to challenge you all to never give up. The instinctive dreams and desires were placed within you for a reason, and I am most certainly sure it's to allow them to nurture, grow and manifest. We are the only ones that can cease the manifestation of the seeds placed within us. No matter where you are in life, know that you are an unstoppable force right until your last breath. Be the mustard seed...grow, flourish, prosper.

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