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It's My Faith, Not Your Fight

There has been something on my mind for quite a while. A subject I’ve continuously rejected writing about no matter how much I felt the need. The focal point of this topic is religion, and for reasons I am really unable to relate to, it’s a very sensitive one. First, I want to clarify why I say it’s not a sensitive subject or difficult for me to discuss. Being a follower of Christ, I have my beliefs, and I stand by them wholeheartedly. When someone attempts to convince me of the nonexistence of my God by challenging me to prove it, my most effective counter is simply this: prove He doesn’t. I don’t get combative or angry, though depending the person and their ability to have a mature conversation, I may get irritated by the individual (not the topic). It is my belief, being that God granted us free will and loves us through all of our sins, why can’t I disagree with my fellow man and still show him love and respect.

For me, as a believer, I feel that it is not necessarily my obligation to make you see things as I do when it comes to my faith. However, it is my duty to not keep silent about my God and share the marvelous works He has done in my life. It is also not my duty to judge another’s sin, God is the only judge. One thing that bothers me greatly with some of those who profess to be followers of Christ is that: they forget that they too are sinners, no one sin is greater than the other, and the new covenant revolves around love and forgiveness.

Something else that I want to touch on that baffles me is how individuals can skew certain things to fit their own purpose. Case in point: Christmas. This holiday is one celebrated by Christians and encompasses the birth (though exact timing is debatable) of our Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t understand how any one person could think it okay to take such a sacred time and, just because they have a self-serving need, market it for their own greed. Every single time I see X-Mas or hear someone refer to it as “holiday”, I want to scream and, on the rare occasion, shake them. How could one take God and Christ out of every aspect of their lives, and yet feel its okay to celebrate the day the believers perceive as the birth of His son?

Another thing I will never truly comprehend is what seems to be a constant need to change the mindset of those that do believe. Jesus acquired the attention of the masses by many great works. He was a kind, loving and gentle person who taught us to live by love and forgiveness. What is the problem with believing in something so good? Why is there such a continuous need to strip down this faith and its followers? Yes, just like with anything in life, there are some rotten apples; people that think they are so perfect in Christ and have a right to judge and persecute those they feel less worthy. But this is not what Christianity teaches us. People that persecute and call it “God’s work” are just as wrong as those they condemn, if not worse.

I guess this subject plagues me so because of the hypocrisy that consumes Christmas each and every year and how more than a few people choose to conveniently ignore the purpose behind this blessed day. Our society gets so flooded with the need for things that there are frequent outbreaks of violence and unkind acts all to acquire a few material possessions. I’m not saying I believe that there is anything wrong with family dinners, gift giving and carolers filling the streets with joyful tunes. I even feel no animosity toward those that question my faith and practices. Maybe the root of my problem is naïveté, because I have such faith in the power that we were given as human beings, yet we think so small. Everything has to be dissected and explained or it doesn’t exist; and if we do have the audacity to believe in the divine, we are subjected to criticism and reproach. There once was a time that this country’s foundation was God, but now, the public practice of a faith in general is frowned upon. It saddens my soul that this country seems to have manifested itself as the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, where the act of the sin is protected and the just are admonished.

Believe me when I say, I respect the rights and free will of those that have chosen to follow a different faith, or no faith at all. It is not my place to scorn another for the choices made that construct the foundation of their life. I simply ask for the same consideration in return. There is not one perfect person walking the face of this planet, so this constant need to prove oneself over another is baffling. Let us all be good and just, valuing all human life and their beliefs regardless of one’s own personal opinion; but then again, there goes my naïve convictions of the power and possibilities of the potential greatness of man.

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