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Whenever I sit down to write, I always contemplate on what I can say to get my readers attention. We live in such a society where nothing is really taboo anymore and moments of astonishment are few and far between. The more I meditate on this, the clearer it becomes that today’s shock value is what was normal and right about half a century ago; lasting marriages, high morale, two parent homes….the belief in the possibility of a Utopian society.

I’ve often been called naïve, because I have the mind of a dying breed. As odd as it may seem and for all that I have been through, I still believe in the possibility of the good of mankind. I believe that we were created to encompass the epitome of endless possibilities, but in today’s society, it seems that a vast majority limit themselves from grasping their full reach. Potential is not in short supply, as some would like for us to believe. The energy behind the potential is just being diverted to all things that matter least. We are constantly being told how to live, and it’s so consistent and inclusive (through music, TV and social media) that most don’t realize it’s even happening.

It’s sad to say that in a society with so many advantages, we are genuinely taken aback when we come across good and decent people that uphold the positive character traits of generations past. The homeless man that turns in a wallet with money and seeks no reward, the marriage that lasts 10+ years, the man that walks with confidence in his 3-piece suit and opens doors for women, the poised woman that unabashedly displays her embodiment of strength in heart and mind. I have three year old twins, and even though they have their moments, I am often complimented on how well behaved and mannered they are. “Please” and “thank you” were embedded into their little minds since they started speaking infant gibberish.

I look back on my younger days with reverence; when school began by saying the pledge of allegiance and a threat to call home had a child terrified the entire day. All of my elders from my Grandmother to my parents right down to my God-parent and cousins instilled in me a sense of self-worth that affected everything from my speech to the way I dressed. Society has changed drastically, and I dare not say for the better. Parents are scared to discipline (conducive chastising) their children and some don’t even care to. Girls 10, 11, & 12 years old “twerking” themselves right into pregnancy. Boys without a positive male in their home and/or lives to know what a real man should do and be looking to mumble rappers like Young Thug and Migos for direction. Precious and innocent little ones being beaten, tortured and killed by the very ones that should be spiritually programmed to love, nurture and protect them.

It’s sad to say, but I am not sure the road that we are collectively headed is one of recovery. I look at my babies and think, “I don’t want them to inherit this calamity". But there is also a second thought that says, "I want them each to be one of the ones that will bring about change". Quite the oxymoron, to want what you don’t want. My thoughts for self are that I won’t give up. That I’ll continue to fight this society of self-destruction the best way I know how. Even if I save one life, that is an amazing accomplishment.  I never know who will read my words or look at a picture I may have taken and be inspired. Something that I have created with my gift could reach a person who has given up and no longer sees anything worth living for; but their eyes happen to skim a sentence that gives them hope or an idea that saves their life. Like I said, I am a naïve one. I love living believing that this cold and corrupt world has a light of hope buried somewhere within, just waiting to be unearthed.

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